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About Isis McIntosh Green.

Meet Isis McIntosh Green, a lifelong resident of Brooklyn District 41 and a dedicated community leader. Isis is committed to addressing critical quality-of-life issues such as affordable housing, education, healthcare, food insecurity, and workforce development. Learn more about Isis and her vision for the district.



Isis McIntosh Green is an accomplished community advocate and public policy expert specializing in housing, elections, criminal justice reform, and legislative affairs. Growing up in Brownsville as the daughter of public servants, she was inspired to obtain the best education possible to serve her community. She began her path as an intern with Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and then as Chief of Staff to Assemblymember Latrice Walker at the age of 22.


Isis's passion for public service and advocacy began as a child, watching her parents commit to serving their community. During her college career, she became a student leader advocating for multicultural affairs and gained invaluable experience navigating complex political landscapes and advocating for meaningful change. Following her tenure in the Assembly, she founded McIntosh Consulting & Management, LLC, where she demonstrated her commitment to public service by advocating for marginalized and underrepresented communities.


As the Executive Director of the Progressive Democratic Political Association, Isis's leadership qualities and dedication to diversity and inclusion were evident as she led a team of passionate individuals and worked tirelessly to promote progressive policies and values throughout New York State.


Her legislative portfolio is impressive, with a focus on Affordable Homeownership and Reinvestment, Automatic Voter Registration, Bail Reform, Election Reform, Higher Education Equity, and Women's Reproductive Health Rights. Isis holds a Master's degree in Political Science from SUNY Albany, where she honed her skills in legislative affairs and policy making.


As a Brooklyn native and proud alumna of Brooklyn Technical High School, Isis is deeply rooted in her community and understands the unique challenges faced by its residents. With her wealth of experience and dedication to public service, she is a highly qualified candidate for City Council. Her commitment to social justice, civil rights, and equity makes her a strong advocate for the community, and her legislative experience and leadership skills make her the perfect candidate to represent the people of the city. She is the best candidate to bring about meaningful change for her constituents. 

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