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Our community deserves a better future. Isis McIntosh is running for City Council to bring innovative solutions to critical issues such as affordable housing, education, healthcare, food insecurity, and workforce development. Learn more about Isis's platform and her plans to create a brighter future for Brooklyn District 41.

Affordable Housing and Housing Quality:


The 41st district needs affordable housing and improved public housing conditions. By working with community members and stakeholders, we can increase funding for the redevelopment of NYCHA housing and address issues such as poor ventilation, lead paint, and outdated appliances, which contribute to respiratory illnesses and mental health concerns.

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Educational Attainment:

Education is key to creating economic opportunities and improving the quality of life. Through community partnerships, we can prioritize programs that increase educational attainment, including job training, internships, and apprenticeships. We can also empower parent organizations to support the professional development of parents and improve Title I spending efficiency. Additionally, we can advocate for capital funding to improve school infrastructure and accommodate the needs of students, families, and communities.

Healthcare and Healthy Outcomes:

Access to healthcare facilities, promoting preventive care, and addressing healthcare disparities, particularly for Black women's reproductive health, is crucial. Working together, we can fund pre-screening programs that decrease healthcare disparities and increase access to affordable healthcare options for seniors.


Food Insecurity:

The 41st district has high rates of food insecurity. Through collaboration with community organizations, we can increase access to healthy and affordable food options, including advocating for funding for community gardens, farmers markets, and supporting food banks and pantries.

Labor and Workforce Development:

Workforce development can help community members achieve economic independence. By working together, we can prioritize programs that help individuals gain new skills or reskill for new jobs and ensure that all job training and apprenticeship programs are accessible and inclusive.


As your City Council member, I will work collaboratively with community members and stakeholders to address these critical quality-of-life issues. I will bring innovative solutions to the table and work tirelessly to ensure that the 41st district is a thriving and equitable community for all. 

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